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DERMAPEN - Micro Needling for Skin

Dermapen Treatment or Collagen induction therapy is also known as (CIT) is an advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce the appearance of…

  • Fine Lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Rejuvenate and tighten skin

  • Surgical, acne and trauma scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Pigmentation

  • Treating Sun Damage

Initial Consultation: (15 mins) -

We offer a 15 minute FREE initial consultation.​


The Dermapen treatment uses multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin to create numerous micro wounds which stimulates collagen production and skin rejuvenation.

A topical anaesthetic is applied to your skin before your treatment for your comfort during the treatment process. Multiple sessions are needed for best results, but unlike lasers, the down time is relatively minimal AND it can even be used safely on darker skin types.


Benefits of DermaPen Skin Needling.

  • Reduced risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring therefore safe on ethnic or dark skin.

  • Suitable for thin and sensitive skin

  • The procedure is well tolerated and well accepted by the patients,

  • It is cost-effective, and can be done on areas of skin not suitable for peeling or laser resurfacing, such as near eyes.

  • Treatment does not result in a line of demarcation between treated and untreated skin, as usually occurs with other resurfacing procedures. This allows for specific areas of scarring to be treated without the need to “blend” or “feather” at the treatment edges.