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Diagnose and Treat Skin Ailments from within with Observ. 

Observ is an advanced skin diagnostic system that visualises all layers of the skin to accurately determine its overall condition and health. Utilising the power of fluorescence, Observ uses patented ultra violet (UV) light technology to illuminate the skin, providing a clear analysis of present condition and predicting future concerns.

More than 80 percent of women are not aware of their skin type or skin condition. While many only see the outer epidermis, the skin is made up of many layers including the dermis, hypodermis and underlying muscle tissue. These invisible layers hold the key to determining the overall health of the skin.

Observ diagnostic imaging reveals just what is going on beneath the surface in an interactive 30-minute painless scan, making it possible to accurately diagnose and treat a variety of ailments as well as track treatment progress. UV light rays at a fraction of everyday sunlight are illuminated onto the skin surface in either of six different modes:

  • Daylight mode observes skin in controlled daylight

  • True UV mode reveals future skin conditions

  • Simulated wood’s light mode provides further insights on future skin conditions

  • Parallel polarisation mode reveals details about skin surface texture

  • Cross-polarisation mode reveals the finer details below the skin epidermis

  • Complexion analysis reveals damage on the skin complexion.

These imaged insights are used to develop an overall health report that’s critical to prescribing an appropriate, skin-specific treatment plan to address current conditions, monitor progress and prevent future imperfections.

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